Joining the Hetzner Cloud Team

A week ago I shared on Twitter that I quit my job at SysEleven after half a decade. Those years have been an incredible ride from “part time in support” to “senior kubernetes architect” while learning a ton of things, not only as an engineer but also as a human. If our paths crossed during this time as coworkers or in some other capacity I want to thank you! I am also very happy that some of those work relationships evolved into friendships that will hopefully outlast any job changes.

In December 2011 I bought rented my first server from Hetzner Online, since then there hasn’t been a month without an invoice from them… accumulating to a surprising amount of money. In November 2018 I booted the first four instances on the new Hetzner Cloud which was released earlier in the year… one of those instances is still running smoothly along. I can’t really put a number on it, but it is safe to say that a major part of my engineering knowledge is based on the stuff I have built and broken on this infrastructure over the years.

So, after almost a decade as a very happy customer I am beyond delighted to join the Hetzner Cloud team on the 1st of April. I can’t wait to see how this new chapter turns out.