OSMC 2018

From the 4th of November to the 7th of November two coworkers and I attended the OSMC 2018 in Nuremberg. We started the first day with a Prometheus workshop by Julien Pivotto. He gave us a nice overview how Prometheus works and we were able to try everything out in real time.

After the workshop we had two days of interesting talks about different monitoring related topics followed by a hackathon on the last day. During the hackathon I was able to work on a new IcingaWeb2 feature and hopefully it will find its way into the upstream code 🙂

During the second day of the conference I had the chance to give a lecture about our Icinga2 setup at SysEleven: Scaling Icinga2 with many heterogeneous projects – and still preserving configurability.

My slides are also available at SlideShare and all videos and photos of the amazing conference are available at the OSMC archive.