Hello World 2.0

Max Rosin

Hello again, I am back!

In 2011 I started my blog fotoallerlei.com. In the beginning it was more about photography but over the years my focus shifted more and more to tech related blog posts. In 2018 the GDPR came along and because I did not want to spend my time with all the new internet rules I decided to take my blog offline.

After a few months I was finally able to catch up with the new regulations and I also realized that I miss my blog. So I replaced my previous Wordpress installation with Hugo - a simple static site generator. Maybe I will repost some of the old content if it is still relevant.

From now on I will use my blog again to dump my personal notes for future use. And maybe they will be useful for some strangers in the internet. Most of the content will be tech related but we will see what the future holds.

Max Rosin

I am a Systems Engineer from Germany. In my personal time I like to tinker with all kinds of technologies, some of it is available here at my blog. In my professional life I work a lot with Kubernetes and monitoring systems. Occasionally I give workshops about Kubernetes and conference talks about my work.
If you want to talk about one of my posts, feel free to reach out via Twitter.